Todd and Kristin Gardiner made the journey to Casa Noble back in February to personally select a unique reposado tequila barrel that would be bottled exclusively and shipped back to Taqueria 27.  

Casa Noble took the contents of their chosen barrel, #1423 and bottled it, complete with Taqueria 27’s logo a medallion on the bottle.  Taqueria 27 is the only entity able to purchase this specific tequila and it will be distributed it throughout our five locations. The flavor notes of this hand picked reposado consist of vanilla, caramel and freshly cooked agave. 

Several months later, the 60 cases have made their way through customs and are available, neat, dressed or in specialty drinks and margaritas. You won’t want to miss trying this amazing reposado. There will never be another one like this due to the uniqueness of the barrel, the time spent aging, and the seasonality of the harvest. 

The unique flavor profile is unlike any other reposados on the market and we are sure you will taste the difference in this hand-selected batch.  

“This tequila is produced by the same company, and aged the same way as all their other reposados,” said Todd. “To our palate it tasted completely different than the reposados they sell everywhere else, that is one of the reasons we choose it.  It isn’t blended to create their standard flavor profile.”

We recommend you enjoy our T27 Casa Noble  in a few specialty menu offerings we created:  

Casa Noble Tequila Company dates from the 1700s and is an established award winning distillery.  Their tequilas are made from estate grown agave and cooked in the traditional way – in stone ovens.  Casa Noble tequila is triple distilled, certified organic and small batched. 

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