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Tequila Trivia to Sip Or Shoot

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Tequila | 0 comments

Just a Sip of Tequila Trivia | Taqueria 27 | Salt Lake City | Utah | Lehi

It is no secret that we love Tequila at Taqueria 27. In fact, we have more than 40 different types on our shelf so that you can mix and match your margaritas the way you like them. 

We wanted to share a bit of tequila trivia with you, in case you ever find yourself on a game show, and Tequila is the answer. 

Tequila is named after a City

Most tequilas come from the Jalisco region of Mexico, from the area around Tequila. Mexican law mandates that most tequilas be manufactured in Jalisco, there are a few exceptions. The states of Guanajuato, Michoacan, Nayarit, and Tamaulipas are also acceptable places to produce Tequila. 

Tequila can’t just be made from any agave plant

How’s this for tequila trivia? Agave tequilana weber (aka Weber Blue Agave) takes between eight and twelve years to harvest and can be as tall as seven feet. Only the heart, or piñas, are used to make Tequila and weigh between 80-200 pounds. 

No Worms Please

Tequila was never intended to have a moth larvae at the bottom of the bottle. It is believed to be a marketing ploy for mezcal in the mid-20th century.  

Mezcal is Not Tequila

But here’s a piece of tequila trivial to blow your mind: Tequila IS technically a type of mezcal (just like scotch and bourbon are types of whiskey).  The main difference is the plant that is used to make the spirit. Mezcal can be produced with a variety of agave plants, while tequila MUST be made with the Weber Blue Agave. 

The “Coa” Is a Specialized Tool Used for Harvesting

The machete used to harvest the agave leaves, it has circular blades and is hard to wield.  Our own Chef Todd knows from experience…

The people that work the fields during harvest have a special name

“Jimadors” are the skilled farmers who cultivate and harvest the agave plantations.

Aficionadas Don’t Do Shots

Quality tequila is complex – and should be sipped to discover nuances and flavor profiles.  Aficionadas sip their Tequila to enjoy all the flavors. 

You Can Save That Bottle Unopened

A bottle of unopened Tequila can last for years and does not ‘age’ anymore in the bottle. However, once it is opened, you have about two months before the quality is affected. 

Patron Still Uses Ancient Techniques

The “Tahona” process uses a 2-ton volcanic stone wheel that is used to slowly crush the cooked agave. The juice and fibers rendered from the wheel are placed in wood casks for fermentation. Next, the distillation process is two steps, distilling once with the fibers, then again without.

Love this tequila trivia so much you’re now looking for a great tequila?  We offer fine tequilas, mezcal and unique margaritas just for you at any of our 5 Utah locations.  Come by and say hello! 

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