Alcoholic Lime Margarita with Tequila and Sea Salt

Can you truly say with confidence that you’ve had a real margarita? If you haven’t been to Mexico or a craft bar, then chances are you haven’t, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make one. 

The reason margaritas are so popular is because they perfectly blend sweet, salty, and slightly tart flavors. However, no blend is guaranteed to be perfect. In order to get the best blend, you need to take advantage of an authentic Mexican margarita recipe – like this one from Chef Todd on Fox 13 The Place. 

Do you want to taste a real margarita at your next party or in the comfort of your own home?

Keep reading to learn our best tips for making authentic margaritas.

Use the Right Liqueurs

Margaritas in Mexico use tequila, of course, and so should you. When making a margarita, you’ll need to put 1.5 ounces tequila into your shaker.  At Taqueria 27 we use Lunazul Reposado in our house margarita.

This recipe will have a total of three liqueurs, including half an ounce of Quattro di Amore Orange and another half ounce of Patrón Citrónge Lime.

Pick the Best Limes

Limes are a staple in just about every margarita recipe, especially the Mexican kind. You’ll want to get only the freshest and ripest limes for your authentic margarita. Squeeze four ounces of lime juice into your shaker.

Don’t forget to decorate your glass with a slice of lime for a professional look.

After you cut the lime in half, rub it on a portion of the glass. It’s common to cover the whole rim in lime juice and encrust it in salt, but that can get messy. For a more classy take on the salted rim, stick to one portion of the glass’s rim or half at most.

A rim that is only partly salted will have the added advantage of giving the drinker a choice. Not everyone wants salt every time they take a sip of their margarita.

Think About What Salt to Use

As for the type of salt, you can use just about any kind that you have in your house. However, if you want to take things up a notch, you can try sea salt or even pink salt. It boils down to whatever your palette prefers.

Once you have your three liqueurs, your lime juice, and a scoop of ice in your shaker, give it a nice whirl or two and it’ll be party time. Everyone will be sure to ask you about where you got your real margarita recipe.

Ready to Drink Some Margaritas?

Now that you’ve learned all about the best tips for making authentic margaritas, you can enjoy them with friends and family.

We can provide you with the most unique and delicious tacos, guac, true margaritas, and more. Whether you want to dine in, take out, or get some pick up catering, we’re here to provide the food.

If you want us to just go ahead and make your margarita for you along with our high-quality cuisine and drinks, feel free to visit us at any one of our locations. We’re always happy to serve you!

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