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5 Ways to Support Local Restaurants Right Now

by | Aug 12, 2020 | Taqueria 27, Things to do in Salt Lake City

Are you wondering how to help support your favorite local restaurants right now? With so many places closed or limited to curbside service, it’s helpful to offer what you can until everything returns to normal.

Keep reading to learn 5 ways you can support local restaurants without risking your safety!

1. Support Local Restaurants by Ordering Take-Out

Most restaurants are offering curbside takeout, and some even do delivery. The easiest way to support your local restaurants is by continuing to buy their food.

Check to see if there is a way to order online or call and place an order if you know exactly what you want (be honest, you probably do!). Be sure to ask about protocol, too, that the restaurant may have in place for picking up orders.

Spread out a blanket in the backyard, and you’ll have an instant take-out picnic!

2. Buy Gift Cards to Your Favorite Places

Another great way to show support is to buy gift cards. Have a friend down the road who’s feeling stir-crazy or lost a job during the pandemic? Get them a $20 gift card to lift their spirits and help your favorite restaurant. 

And there’s no shame in buying a gift card for yourself. You know you’ll use it, and it’s one more way to give immediate financial assistance.

3. Show Support on Social Media

There’s never been a better time to add more food pictures to your social media feeds. Any time you get a killer take-out meal, snap a photo. Post it online and credit the restaurant.

A gorgeous food picture and strong endorsement can go a long way on social media, especially with so many people at home and online. Some people might not even realize certain eateries are open right now, so you can do your part to spread the word.

4. Tip Well

Your servers are working extra hard cleaning, serving, and wearing their masks for long shifts. Please consider tipping well. Go above the 20% standard, and you can help the waitstaff stay afloat.

5. Ask Restaurants What They Need

If you have the time and resources, you can ask restaurant managers what they need. Maybe you are willing to donate time behind the scenes or contribute your graphic design skills to a marketing campaign. You might be surprised by the different ways that you can help!

The Bottom Line

While nothing beats sharing a meal with family and friends inside a lively restaurant, it’s still possible to enjoy delicious food and support local restaurants while everything is shut down.

Have a festive take-out meal on your back porch or dress to impress in your favorite restaurant’s most relaxed t-shirt. You’ll satisfy your cravings and do some good. When you’re ready to load up on good food, check with us, and we’ll have your food ready in no time!