national taco day
National Taco Day

We like to celebrate food holidays. We live in a country where s’mores, french fries, and German chocolate cake all have their own national days. With countless others, these obscure food holidays can begin to feel a bit arbitrary. 

However, among this flurry of foodie fêtes, some cuisines rise above the rest. Some of these national food holidays really do call for proper appreciation. 

Specifically, National Taco Day is an event worth observing. Something about eating tacos just screams party.  

National Taco Day is around the corner on October 4th. Read on to discover the history of this day and how to celebrate it in style. 

Origins of National Taco Day

Americans ate over 4 billion tacos last year. Everyone is familiar with the term “Taco Tuesday.” But, claiming an entire day of the week is still not enough to celebrate this dish. A national holiday was in order to go loco for tacos. 

The origins of this day can be attributed to Roberto L. Gomez. Gomez was a San Antonio journalist in the 1960s with a passion for Mexican cuisine. Believing that Mexican cuisine deserved awareness in America, Gomez established the National Taco Council.

He celebrated the occasion by sending a 55-pound taco to President Johnson as a marketing stunt. Personally, I believe a taco should be 2-3 bites, but I am glad this gargantuan taco got the ball rolling. 

From there, local Mexican restaurants took notice of the celebration. Taco day kicked around a few different dates. It started the week before Cinco de Mayo then ballooned to a full month. 

Finally, in 2010, a San Antonio chain declared taco deals on October 4th, and everyone followed suit. 

How to Celebrate Taco Day 

Since National Taco Day only comes around once a year, it is important to go wild. This is not the occasion for home-cooked tacos or boring fast-food fare. National Taco day calls for a get-together of friends at a restaurant trying some out some new recipes. 

Taqueria 27 is not churning out your average taco. Here, the menu offers some of the most unique creations ever put on a tortilla. A few of the outlandish options are duck confit, house-smoked pork belly, and turkey chorizo. 

There are also options for the vegetarian route. The portabello mushroom or grilled pear and beet tacos are excellent choices. 

Try one or try them all. Pair tacos with a Mexican beer or a signature tequila cocktail for an unforgettable meal. 

Come celebrate National Taco Day 2020 with us on October 4th. 

Taco Time

National Taco Day may have started as a marketing stunt, but when it comes to food, that is this fun and delicious, who cares? After all, the more reasons to eat tacos, the better.

Has this article made your mouth start watering for Mexican food? You don’t have to wait for October 4th, order online tonight. 

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