Sustainable practices

We’re serious about seafood here at Taqueria 27. Whether it’s grilled shrimp with guacamole or a surprise offering in our Fish Taco of the Day, we’re determined to provide you with the freshest and most delicious seafood around.  

But sustainable practices are also important to us. We want to be sure that the fish and seafood we serve is farmed in a sustainable way to protect our oceans’ well-being for future generations of fish lovers. 

Read on to find out more about how we ensure that we offer sustainable food here at T27, both in our take-out and dine-in menus and our catering options.  

Why Is Sustainable Seafood Important?

Marine environments are under threat from overfishing and environmental destruction. This has resulted in depleted stocks, with  85% of the world’s fisheries being fished at or beyond their maximum sustainable rates. 

Over many years, the development of industrial fishing techniques has led to significant declines in the abundance of fish in our oceans. For example, Pacific bluefin tuna’s breeding population is currently at only 4% of its original size.

Added to this is the habitat damage caused by plastic pollution from fishing gear. Discarded plastic fishing equipment is believed to make up around 46% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch trash.  

This is bad news for seafood lovers. These problems pose a serious threat to the available supply of fish and seafood.  

For fish to be considered sustainable, it needs to be caught or farmed in a way that allows the fish population to thrive in the future. It’s also important that the methods used don’t harm the environment.

By supporting more sustainable fishing methods, we can help protect the ocean environment and its bounty for future generations. 

Sustainable Practices with Seafood at T27

We order all our fish and seafood fresh from our local vendors who fly it daily. This supports our local economy.  

We offer a wide variety of fresh and delicious fish, including our Fresh Fish of the Day option. Buying a broad range of fish helps protect dwindling species from further overfishing, and offers you something new and exciting to try every day!

We make sure that the fish we order from our vendors is sustainable on the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s seafood watch program website. This program helps us ensure that we choose seafood that is farmed or fished in sustainable ways and has less impact on our precious ocean environment. 

Order Your Seafood Now! 

Now that you can be assured of the sustainable practices we have in place at Taqueria 27, you can enjoy our seafood while knowing that we are working hard to protect the environment. 

You can enjoy our delicious food at one of our many locations in Utah. Or you can order your tacos here to enjoy at home. 

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