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When Life Gives You Limes…There’s Always Patron Tequila

by | Mar 29, 2021 | Drinks, Tequila

Patron Tequila

Patron is the world’s largest selling premium tequila, enjoyed by millions of drinkers worldwide. Patron tequila flavors are renowned for their smoothness and complexity. 

Patron tequila may be one of the world’s most popular tequila brands, but its production process is surprisingly old-school. Its commitment to the old style of tequila production makes it a torchbearer for the rapidly-modernizing industry.

Patron Tequila History

Patron Tequila was founded in 1989 by John Paul DeJoria, the founder of Paul Mitchell hair products. With his friend Martin Crowley and tequila expert Francisco Alcaraz, he aimed to bring quality tequila to the American market.

Their idea for a $40 tequila, served in the trademark glass Patron tequila bottle, was laughed at by many investors first. But DeJoria and Mitchell persevered. Today, there are over one million cases of Patron sold every year.

Patron Production

Patron is made traditionally, entirely at the Hacienda Patron in Jalisco, Mexico. Like the best Bordeaux wines, Patron hand-selects its agave plants from small family farms rather than growing its own.

The agave flavors are extracted via the Tahona process. This is essentially rolling a giant stone over the cooked agave plants to release the tough fibers’ juices. Users of this old-style method believe it adds depth and flavor to the spirit.

This process has been in use for nearly 500 years. Patron’s only concession to the modern day is using machines to roll its stones instead of pulling them by donkeys.

Appearance & Flavor Profile

You may have wondered why some tequilas are clear, and some have a rich gold color. The answer lies in the aging process. White tequila is aged for around 60 days, while gold tequila is aged for longer, taking on their casket’s flavors just like other spirits.

Patron Silver has a clear appearance, while Patron Reposado has a hint of golden color to it. Tequilas that have been aged longer have a more mellow flavor and are usually enjoyed on their own, while clear tequilas are often the best choice for cocktails such as margaritas.

Whichever type you choose, you will find a crisp and smooth flavor in all Patron tequilas, with notes of earth and butterscotch. Barrel-aged varieties will have the same basic notes but with richer, deeper overtones.

How to Drink It

Patron Silver is an ideal everyday tequila, smooth and sunny. It is good to sip on its own and makes an ideal mixer for Margaritas, Palomas, and more.

The best Patron tequila, such as the $495 twice-aged Gran Patron Burdeos, should be sipped neat, straight up, or over ice. This allows you to experience the full range of flavors in their barrel-aged complexity.

We offer both Patron Silver, Patron Reposado, Patron Extra Anejo and Patron Grand Platinum on our drink menu at all of our five locations. Let us serve it to you straight up or mix it in a cocktail and you’ll be sure to develop a new appreciation for tequila.