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What Is Duck Confit and Why Do We Love It?

by | May 6, 2021 | tacos, Taqueria 27

Duck Confit

You may find yourself curious about a taqueria restaurant serving duck confit. After all, for those familiar foodies, confit is a French dish with historical roots.

Confit is typically not a familiar dish to most. Duck may be a rather exotic dish to some and confit completely unfamiliar.

Allow us to enlighten you. This magnificent French dish is uncommonly good and adds a perfect twist to Taqueria 27’s blooming menu.

What is Duck Confit?

First, let’s dive into the definition of this amazing dish.

Confit is a French word, a reference to anything slow-cooked in any liquid. Duck confit, however, is a specific method of cooking duck.

The meat, typically the leg/thigh, is salted and spiced, rinsed after several hours, and then cooked low and slow in duck fat. The result is mouth-wateringly, tender meat and will keep in its fat for several months in your refrigerator. 

What are the Origins of Duck Confit?

Before refrigeration was a concept, the art of confit was born in Gascony, France, as a preservation technique. The meat, stored in a vessel of fat, would keep for months without spoiling.

This centuries-old dish kept the residents of Gascony alive throughout winter months when food could be scarce. Ducks were slaughtered at the end of the summer, salted, cooked, and then preserved in fat. These preserved ducks were consumed throughout the cold months of the year.

Aging of Duck Confit

Strangely enough, preserving meat in fat is an excellent storage technique. 

We definitely don’t recommend storing your confit outside of the refrigerator. Still, in centuries past France, the thick layer of fat kept germs and bacteria out of the meat when it was otherwise impossible to store in cool temperatures.

Our Favorite Recipe

traditional duck confit recipe includes ingredients like salt, garlic, thyme, rosemary, and juniper berries. The duck meat marinates in salt and spices and is left overnight in the fridge to soak up the flavors. The meat is rinsed off before dousing in a bath of rendered fat and cooking at a low temperature for at least four hours.

At Taqueria 27, we add a delicious twist to our confit. The addition of chipotle gives our confit tacos a Mexican-inspired twist that’s bursting with flavor. The melt-in-your-mouth meat expertly compliments roasted corn, squash, and peppers.

Try Taqueria 27’s Duck Confit Tacos

So what is duck confit? It’s one of our favorite taco fillings!

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