Many dog owners enjoy taking their furry friends out for a day of fun when time allows. No day out is complete without food, but finding a place that allows your dog to eat with you can be difficult. When you do find a place, it can be challenging to figure out the rules your pup has to follow.

If you’re hoping to take your well-behaved dog out to dine with you, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading below to learn seven tips that cover the most basic dog restaurant etiquette.

1. Make Sure It’s a Dog-Friendly Patio

It’s essential to make sure you’re visiting a dog-friendly patio. Don’t just assume you can bring your dog because many places won’t allow it. Yes, even outside.

If it’s somewhere you’ve gone with your dog before, it’s okay to go ahead and plan your visit. If you’re not sure about their rules, call ahead to ask. Taqueria 27 is a dog-friendly restaurant!

2. No Table Scraps

Don’t feed your dog table scraps, as this is considered poor dog restaurant etiquette. Plus, it can be difficult to tell if the dish you’re eating has any ingredients harmful to your furry friend. Common ingredients like onion or garlic are poisonous to dogs.

3. Water

Your dog can (and should) drink some water. The water should be in a container of your own or a disposable one that can be thrown away after. Please don’t use the restaurant’s “people dishes” to give your canine water.

4. Dog Should Be Friendly

Aggressive or anxious dogs shouldn’t be brought to any dog-friendly restaurant. All dogs should be friendly to both people and other dogs. Canines also shouldn’t react in a frightened manner to strangers.

5. Enter and Exit Through Exterior

Be sure to enter and exit the restaurant through the exterior. Don’t go through the interior to reach the patio, as this can be a health hazard.

6. No Barky Dogs

All dogs bark sometimes, but they shouldn’t bark excessively. This is poor dog restaurant etiquette because too much barking can disturb other’s dining experience. It can also agitate other dogs who would otherwise behave.

7. Keep Them Leashed

All dogs should remain leashed when in the restaurant, as well as when entering or exiting. This is important because dogs can become spooked or run off without a leash. It’s also the law to ensure all dogs are leashed when out and about.

More Questions About Dog Restaurant Etiquette?

The seven tips above are the most basic guidelines of dog restaurant etiquette. Following these tips can ensure you, your dog, and all other patrons enjoy their outdoor dining experience to the fullest.

Ready to take your well-behaved dog out to eat with you? Come to Taqueria 27! Find a location near you here.