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taco holiday party at Taqueria 27

With all that’s been going on lately, sometimes all we need over the holidays is a party with close family and friends. But, while you might be excited to host another event to end the year, you might be wondering what your party theme should be.

The only party to have this year is a taco holiday party. Who doesn’t love tacos?

Before you start scrambling to get things done, check out the to-do list we’ve created for you, and get ready to kick back and enjoy the party!

Make a List of Guests

Before you can send out the invitations or set the table, the first thing you need to do is make a guest list. While you’re making a list of the people you want to attend your Mexican-themed holiday party, also ask them what they want to drink.

While there are tons of drinks you can have at your party, the only one that fits the theme is a margarita. So don’t forget to grab some margarita glasses for everyone to enjoy their cocktails in.

Decide on the Menu

Now it’s time to think about the food you’re going to serve when you throw a taco party during the holidays. Of course, if your theme is a ‘taco party,’ the only food that makes sense to serve is tacos.

When you order a taco bar from Taqueria 27, your options are endless. You get to create a bar that allows each guest to make a taco to enjoy. So get ready to party with a taco in hand.

Set Up an Appetizer Table

You thought the only food option you could serve at your party was tacos? Think again; you can place any combination of foods on the appetizer you want, including:

Trust us, there’s going to be something for everyone at your party, and it’s all going to taste amazing.


With the food and guest list complete, it’s time to think about the best way to decorate for your party. We recommend using bright colors and incorporating reds and greens as well.

You could use streamers, balloons, or any other Mexican-themed décor you can think of. When guests arrive at the party, they should immediately know the theme when they see the decorations.

Create a Party Playlist

No party is complete without having the right playlist to dance to throughout the event. Even if you’re not dancing, a playlist helps to set the holiday tone as people eat and mingle with one another during the party.

Ensure you choose festive holiday songs such as Pancho Claus or Regalo de Reyes, both of these are traditional Mexican songs played during the holidays.

Game Time

What’s one thing people look forward to more than food; it’s the games. And if you’re family and friends are anything like ours, everyone loves a little bit of holiday competition.

Think about some games that you can play to get everyone involved. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just something you know your guests will have fun playing.

Taco Holiday Party: Setting the Scene for the Fiesta

A taco holiday party is a perfect theme if you’re trying to do something different this year. There’s so much to be done, from inviting the guests to planning what games you’ll play, and we want to help.

Don’t forget to contact Taqueria 27 and order your taco bar so we can ensure your party is the talk of the New Year!