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5 Ways To Show Gratitude to Your Servers

by | Jan 6, 2022 | Taqueria 27

Ways To Show Gratitude to Your Servers

More than 2.3 million people are currently employed as servers in the USA. Unfortunately, diners sometimes treat them poorly, but this usually says a lot more about the customer than the employee.

Servers are trying their best to serve you, but they’re only human. We’re living in challenging times, and you have the opportunity to make someone’s day with a simple gesture.

Continue reading to learn five ways to show a little gratitude to servers.

1. Learn your Server’s Name

To show some gratitude and respect, take an extra moment to call your server by their name. They may introduce themselves when they bring the menus, or they may have a nametag. If not, you can ask them what their name is. 

It costs nothing to be friendly and warm. It’s so simple to address them by their name, but it can be a significant way to show your gratitude to waiters and waitresses for all that they do.

It’s easy to be dismissive of the wait staff, but it’s a difficult job, especially during these pandemic times, and acknowledging them can make their day.

2. Be Kind and Courteous

How you treat your servers reveals a lot about your personality. Sometimes, waiters and waitresses must deal with rude and self-entitled customers, and their patience is often tested many times throughout a shift.

Everyone appreciates when people are kind and courteous to them, and servers are no different. Use the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you,’ and treat them as your equal.

Kindness begets kindness. A server will not forget your good nature, and you may receive special treatment on your next visit.

3. Tip Well

In the service world, leaving tips is the most traditional way for a customer to show their appreciation. Waiters and waitresses play an important role in your dining experience, so don’t shy away from offering them a generous tip to thank them for their high quality of service.

Many servers rely on tips to make ends meet, and they will appreciate a large tip. The world has a way of repaying you when you are generous, giving freely and making your server’s day.

4. Write Them a Note

Have you ever written a little thank you note on your bill after you pay? A humble, personal thank you note can make your server feel valued. And see for yourself the joy it brings to yourself, as well as the receiver.

Be kind to yourself by being kind to others. You hold the key to boosting your own mood and the people you meet. Writing notes is a beautiful way to show gratitude to servers who do their best to keep the restaurant running smoothly. 

5. Remember Someone Else is Preparing the Food

A diner is fully entitled to send their order back if it isn’t up to their standards. Of course, it is a customer’s right to receive high-quality food, but there’s no need to make restaurant staff feel guilty.

Please don’t take your anger out on a server whose job is to serve you. Be polite and explain why you are unhappy with your meal. It can be resolved without making someone feel bad for something they have no control over. 

Show a Little Gratitude to Servers

Now you’re equipped with five great tips that can help make your server’s day. It’s remarkable how a gesture so simple can lift someone’s spirits, regardless of whether you’re the giver or the receiver.

If you’re looking for a great restaurant to show some gratitude to servers, check out our unique Taqueria 27 locations across Utah.