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Hey, Taco Lovers!

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Who doesn’t love tacos? They are the perfect food for any occasion. Tacos always hit the spot whether you’re watching a football game or celebrating a birthday. 

Every country and culture seems to have its unique spin on this delicious dish. However, no matter the recipe, tacos become an elevated dish when you pair them with other dishes or drinks. Below we have all the best taco pairings to round out your taco night! 


Margaritas and tacos- this is a classic drink pairing and probably the most famous. So if you are having your taco night at home and plan on making your margarita, make sure you check out these tips for making a real margarita.

You can jazz it up by adding fruit and making a mango, strawberry, or pineapple margarita. Adding fruit is a great way to add some sweetness and a summer vibe. Whatever margarita technique you choose, we can assure you that you will have an unforgettable taco night. 


Beer is another excellent option for taco night, especially if you’re serving up some spicy tacos. We do not recommend using the beer to mask the spice but only to enhance the taco itself. Instead, try a light pilsner or saison to pair with your spicy taco. 

Fruit Based Drinks 

Don’t drink alcohol? Have younger kids? No problem because fruit-based drinks are also great taco pairings.

Try pairing a “freshwater” drink with your next taco night. This is a fruit blended in water with some sugar and a bit of lime juice. Incorporating fruits like strawberry, watermelon, or pineapple will bring a sweet freshness to your meal. 

Taco Pairings and Cocktails 

Do margaritas feel a bit boring, and do you want to get a bit fancier with your drink pairings this Taco Tuesday night? Try some cocktails!

Tequila isn’t just for margaritas as it pairs well with so many different mixers. If you need to make a large batch of drinks for your party, try making a large pitcher of sangria or tepache.

Tepache is a fermented pineapple and sugar beverage topped with cinnamon with low alcohol content; you can add your liquor of choice and make this a great cocktail to pair with tacos! 

Side Dishes for Tacos 

Everyone knows tacos are great on their own; they are the star of any dinner party. Of course, Taco toppings are critical, but these don’t count sides. The suitable side dish can make or break your Taco Tuesday! 

Try pairing your tacos with elote, which is an ear of Mexican street corn, cilantro-lime rice with refried beans, black bean soup, black bean salad, or fruit salad with cinnamon sugar chips! It is okay to get a little creative with your side dishes for tacos.

Complementing Flavors 

Grab your sombrero, turn up the music and remember, whatever you choose, make sure your taco pairings are something that will complement the flavors in your tacos. If you liked this what to pair with tacos guide, then make sure to check out more delicious taco-themed blogs here