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It’s Dog-Friendly Patio Season in Salt Lake City!

by | Jul 13, 2022 | Taqueria 27

Taqueria 27 SLC Dog friendly patios


Are you among the 69 million households with a dog? If so, now that summer is in full swing, you should find ways to get outside and enjoy the sun and heat. But don’t leave your pups at home; they deserve to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, too!

Why not take them with you when you go out to lunch or dinner? All of the Taqueria 27 patios in Salt Lake City are dog friendly, so your pups and pooches can bask in the summer fun.

Want some tips for visiting a T27 SLC dog-friendly restaurant? Here are a few that will make the dining experience more enjoyable for you and your furry friend.

Go For a Walk Before the Restaurant

Dogs often get excited, especially when they’re alone in the house all day. They might have a ton of energy, and a restaurant patio isn’t the best place for them to release it. While there might be dog-friendly patios, there might be other diners who aren’t as much of a dog lover as you are.

Before heading to the restaurant, take your dog on a long walk or to play in the park. This will help you get their zoomies, extra energy, and potty breaks out of the way before meal time.

Keep Them Near You

You don’t want to let your pup wander around a restaurant patio. For one, it might be a safety hazard, even if your dog is well trained. Second, you don’t want your pup encroaching on other diners.

Have a collar or harness for your dog and a leash to keep them near you. However, retractable leashes don’t always provide adequate control and can be a safety hazard. So instead, choose a traditional leash so they can’t go too far.

Don’t Forget Their Water

Outside in the summer can reach some pretty high temperatures. Your pup is sure to get thirsty when out in the summer heat. So don’t forget to bring along a dog bowl and some water to keep your pup comfortable while you dine.

Know Your Dog

It’s important not to ignore your dog and be able to read their body language. Some dogs may not respond well to crowded spaces, and some might become protective of their owners.

Know how your dog may react to being in public before taking them to a restaurant. You should also be prepared to leave if it seems like your dog isn’t having a good time.

Enjoy a T27 SLC Dog-Friendly Restaurant All Summer Long

Your dog is your best friend, and they don’t want to be left behind when you go out to meet your friends and family for lunch or dinner. So take them to a T27 SLC dog-friendly patio.

These tips will make dining out with your dog easier and more fun. You’ll enjoy some delicious food, and they’ll love all the attention they’ll get from being the cutest restaurant patron.

Wondering where to eat in SLC with your dog? Taqueria 27 offers dog-friendly patios and delicious food. Search our locationsthroughout Salt Lake City and find you and your pup’s new favorite restaurant.