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Assemble the Perfect Taco Bar With T27!

by | Sep 2, 2022 | tacos

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Is there anything more delicious than a taco? 

You can fill them with any ingredient you can imagine, cover them in hot sauce, and eat them with your hands! What could be better?  

People of all ages love to eat tacos, so setting up a taco bar for your next party is sure to be a hit! Taco bars let people customize their meals so everyone is happy. 

Take the stress out of hosting and let Taqueria 27 Taco Bar do the cooking for you. Keep reading to find out how to make a taco bar that your guests will love! 

Delicious Tacos From Taqueria 27 Taco Bar

When it comes to taco fillings, the options and combinations are endless.

First, you need tortillas! Tortillas are the base on which to build your taco, and you can decide between corn or flour, or a combination of both. 

Give your guests a variety of flavors to try! With Taqueria 27 Taco Bar doing the cooking, you can offer chicken, pork, grilled meat, or grilled vegetable taco fillings. 

Your guests love assembling their tacos with the choice of lettuce, cheese, and chipotle salsa to go on top. 

Plan to have plenty of food so that your guests can try all the different taco combinations!  

Savory Sides 

No taco bar is complete without a big bowl of crunchy tortilla chips to dip into salsa and guacamole.  

Everyone loves guacamole, so make sure you order plenty. Nothing pairs better with a taco covered in hot sauce than cool, creamy guacamole. 

Do not forget about beans!

Beans are an essential part of Mexican cuisine, and no taco bar is complete without them. Choose between pinto or black beans. Your guests can either eat them on the side or add them to their tacos. 

If you want to add a fresh option to your taco bar, consider adding a green salad. The butterleaf lettuce salad with green chile gorgonzola dressing is a great choice for flavor and adds variety to your menu!

Delicious Margaritas  

Your guests will get thirsty with all the tacos they are eating, and nothing sets the mood for a Mexican party like tequila. 

Do you want to offer a delicious cocktail but are not great at making drinks? Do yourself a favor and order the Taqueria 27 Taco Bar margarita mix. With the mix, you can serve your guests delicious margaritas without having to squeeze any limes! 

Pick out your favorite tequila and let margarita mix do the rest!  

Time to Party

Now you have the recipe for how to make a great taco bar party; all you need to do is invite your friends and tell them to come hungry and thirsty!

Let Taqueria 27 Taco Bar do the cooking, and trust them to provide the delicious taco flavors you are looking for. Taqueria 27 Taco Bar makes hosting a taco party stress-free and delicious.

Go online now and use their easy online ordering to see all the taco bar options.  Your taco bar menu will be planned with a few clicks!