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Taco Tuesday celebrates a gastronomic delight every week. For many, this tradition means gathering with friends and family for fresh Mexican food and drinks.

While many indulge on this day, few people know its actual origins. Read on to learn more about the roots of Taqueria 27 Taco Tuesday!

Let’s Talk about Tacos

We could not celebrate Taco Tuesday without its delicious namesake, the taco. This food came from Mexico a long time ago, but its name came later.

Nobody knows exactly when somebody first wrapped their meat in a corn tortilla. But, we do know that the natives worshiped the corn Goddess long before the Spanish conquistadores came to Mexico.

Miners named the charges they used to excavate the ore tacos. They were gunpowder wrapped in thin pieces of paper.

While this obviously offered inspiration for the name, it does not explain who first made the taco. However, the miners in Mexico first made eating tacos popular.

Battle for Taco Tuesday

Who created Taco Tuesday? This question started a great debate that went to court in the 1980s. After all, this money maker is clearly marketable.

A New Jersey restaurant named Gregory’s tried to coin the term. A Wyoming taqueria disputed this claim to the name.

Gregory’s could not produce evidence that they came up with Taco Tuesday before Taco John’s. So Taco John’s took the trademark.

Why Tuesday?

Why did they pick a Tuesday for tacos? It holds no Mexican cultural significance. 

If anything, it speaks to the culture of America. Taco Tuesday rolled off the tongue for a fantastic marketing scheme. The name meant that on Tuesdays, tacos cost less, and they may even accompany drink specials. Whatever the reason, taco Tuesday has become a time-honored tradition for many. And at Taqueria 27, we’re proud to be a part of it! 

Is Taco Tuesday a Real Tradition?

Some may argue that this day lacks true significance. But, a close look at its history says otherwise.

The taco comes from a food Mexican natives worshipped and appreciated. The taco offered substantial nutrients to working-class people at little cost.

The popularity of the taco signifies the strength of the people who brought it here. Like them, it endured but also adapted to fit its surroundings. Not many food items get their own day each week, and this one brings people together.

Enjoy Taqueria 27 Taco Tuesday

Not sure where to celebrate? Enjoy Taqueria 27 Taco Tuesday with your friends and family. 

You can impress everybody with fun taco facts while you eat! Everybody will enjoy their meal together with a whole new appreciation.

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