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Is there more to the margarita than tequila, lime juice, and triple sec? No, we didn’t forget about the salt. But what is there besides the basic margarita?

We have good news for you if you’ve been pondering that question. We’ve got three Taqueria 27 cocktails that will change your view of what a margarita can be.

Breaking Away From the Basic Rita

At T27, the basic margarita serves as the starting point, not the finishing line. We take you down the road to light, spicy, and smoky drinks in three distinctive cocktails.

If you’re the designated driver for your group’s night out, you can still get in on the fun by taking advantage of one of your options for cocktails. Our bartender can make each of T27’s drinks a mocktail so that you can stay alcohol-free round after round.

1. Strawberry Lemonade Rita

It’s an endless summer with Strawberry Lemonade Rita. Remember lemonade on a hot day when you were a kid?

That longing never quite goes away. But now you can satisfy your thirst with a grownup twist.

It’s light and airy, just like the summers you remember. This is a drink when you want cocktails with meals and good friends. This isn’t the drink for sitting alone on a stormy night reading brooding Russian poetry.

2. Spicy Jalapeño-Melon Rita

There’s no end to how you can use a jalapeno pepper. Maybe you hadn’t thought about having it in a cocktail.

And in the unlikely event that the idea popped into your head, you probably didn’t think of pairing it with watermelon. But it’s not unusual for seemingly odd combinations of flavors to come together to create a great and memorable drink.

Tastes in cocktails will vary, and so will the preference for spiciness. So, feel free to let us know your level of jalapeno love.

3. Smoky Ginger Pear Rita

Venture a little further from your usual margarita with a smoky ginger-pear combination. It’s smoky because of the distinct flavor it gains from mezcal.

However, not all mezcal carries that smoky flavor. So, we’re careful to select only mezcal that’s prepared correctly to lend that distinctive smokiness.

Mezcal is also an agave spirit from Mexico, but it is cooked differently and can be made anywhere in Mexico.

Spicy-Jalapeño-Melon Rita-Taqueria-27

The agave plant belongs to the same succulent family as the cactus. They need little water, so they thrive in desert settings.

Tequila, by law, must be at least 51% blue agave. However, mezcal can be made from any agave plant.


Thirsty for One of Taqueria 27’s Cocktails?

Shake up your margarita game. Don’t drown in lime juice or get stuck on a salty rim. There’s a world of different cocktail flavors waiting for you.

You could spend years sampling new margaritas. And who are we to judge your life goals? But we can tell you there’s no better place to begin than with Taqueria 27 cocktails.