Hey, Taco Lovers!

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When someone mentions taco, do you automatically think of a beef filling? If so, why not try something different?

An excellent taco filling can be practically anything. It’s up to the talent and the imagination of the chef.

We like to think that our menu demonstrates that our kitchen staff has plenty of both qualities. That explains the five Taqueria 27 top tacos we produce daily. And we highly recommend you sample them.

1. Achiote Marinated Fried Chicken Breast Taco

Craving tacos AND fried chicken? That’s not a problem. Order the achiote-marinated fried chicken breast taco.

Achiote is a spice that gives a yellow color to butter and cheese. Here, your chicken is marinated in achiote, giving it a vibrant hue and adding a subtle smoky flavor with a hint of pepper.

If the word achiote doesn’t ring a bell, think of annatto, the spice is known by both names. We complete the taco with salsa crudo, avocado, chipotle crema, and queso.

2. P.B.L.T.A. Taco

Sometimes a B.L.T. just isn’t enough. When that’s the case, it’s time to upgrade to the P.B.L.T.A.

The P.B. stands for pork belly, which takes the place of bacon. And the A in the name is for avocado. Jalapeno aioli kicks the flavor to another level.

But what exactly is pork belly, and how can it possibly take the place of reliable, delicious bacon? First of all, pork belly is bacon. But unlike the bacon in your refrigerator, it isn’t cured.

It also hasn’t been treated and processed with sodium and nitrates. It, therefore, has a more nuanced, sophisticated flavor.

3. Duck Confit Taco

Tacqueria 27’s duck confit taco marries a long-standing European food prep with Latin American street food. You won’t find confit in a lot of recipes for tacos.

Duck confit is the result of elevating the flavor of duck by marinating the bird in its own fat along with any herbs and spices. The result is not only a tender slice of poultry but a reliable burst of flavor with each bite.

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The confit joins roasted corn, squash, peppers, chipotle crema, and crispy leek strings for an outstanding taco experience.

4. Portobello Mushroom Taco

Are you trying to cut down on your consumption of meat? We know it’s not easy to avoid meat for tacos. So, if you crave that umami flavor without ruining your eating plan, we suggest the grilled portobello mushroom tacos.

Portobellos are delicious without seasoning, but we stack the deck by marinating them in balsamic vinegar. Then we add gorgonzola, chimichurri, and crispy leek strings.

5. Fresh Fish of the Day Taco 

There are plenty of reasons to thank our fellow food lovers in California, but we especially want to thank them for the fish taco. We’ve made the fish taco one of our regular and popular offerings.

The fish is the day’s fresh catch. So, visit us often for tacos for lunch and experience the subtle shifts in taste as the primary ingredient changes.

Most people love slaw with their fish, so we include our T27 slaw. We then dress the fish with a tangy cilantro-lime crema and add chilito and lime wedges.

Come and Taste Taqueria’s 27 Top Tacos

Break out of your beef taco rut with one or all five of Taqueria 27’s top tacos and different taco sauces. Order at one of our locations or online.

There’s nothing wrong with the everyday beef taco, but sometimes you just have to take a bigger bite out of life.