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Hey, Taco Lovers!

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Do you subscribe to the philosophy that it’s not tasty unless it tingles? If you do, T27’s range of hot sauces will be right up your alley. 

But as every hot sauce aficionado knows, it’s about so much more than heat. The Carolina Reaper may hold the crown of the hottest pepper in the world, but do you really want to smother your tacos with it? Truly unique hot sauces allow you to enjoy the subtle characteristics that make each pepper a party in your mouth.

Let’s look at everything you need to know about Taqueria 27 hot sauces.

Chile Morita

If you like your hot sauce smoky, sultry, and irresistible, Chile Morita is the right choice for you.

It has the unmistakable warmth and richness of chipotle chile peppers. They’re made by smoking fresh jalapeños until they turn rich, dark, and decadent. Its medium heat comes from chile de árbol – slim but potent bright red peppers similar in heat to cayennes.

This hot sauce is perfect, served slightly warm. Drizzle it luxuriously over many of our food menu items, such as cheese quesadilla or our fresh fish of the day.

Agua Chile

If you’re looking for a hot sauce but not what you think, you’ll love Agua Chile. This is T27’s take on a timeless Mexican classic. At its heart are serrano and jalapeño chile peppers, pickled with onion and salt. Forget the deep reds of our traditional hot sauce; this is green, vibrant, fresh, and zingy.

The focus of agua chile is piquancy rather than heat, and it’s generally the mildest of our hot sauce options. Serve it cold, and use it to bring an acidic component to rich dishes like queso fundido or to add extra freshness to enchiladas.


If eating hot sauce for you is all about heat, then you’ll love our Habanero hot sauce. Habaneros peppers are famous for their heat and the floral, citrusy flavor they bring to the party.

At Taqueria 27, we add guajillo peppers to our habanero hot sauce. These milder chiles complement the habaneros perfectly, providing a rich, fruity backdrop that adds depth to the sauce.

Serve our habanero sauce at room temperature. Apply it liberally to tacos and enchiladas whenever you’re craving extra heat and flavor.

Time to Try Taqueria 27 Hot Sauces

With three types of hot sauce on offer, there’s something to suit every palate. From our mild and fresh Agua Chile to our dark and dangerous Habanero sauce, you won’t be disappointed. We never set out to be your traditional Mexican restaurant, so you can expect something surprising when you sample Taqueria 27 hot sauces. 

The only place to try these delectable sauces for yourself is at one of our four convenient Salt Lake City locations. You can even pick up a bottle of hot sauce to take home with you to enjoy whenever you want. Breakfast ‘Chile Morita’ burritos, anybody?

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