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Hey, Taco Lovers!

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Tacos are the perfect dish to share with family and friends, but the thought of hosting a taco night at home might seem a little daunting. Making tacos from scratch takes a lot of prep and creates a lot of dirty dishes!

Luckily, the chefs at Taqueria 27 have created the Taqueria 27 taco home kits. Keep reading to discover how hosting an unforgettable taco night at home can be quick and easy.

What Are Taqueria 27 Taco Home Kits?

No time to cook dinner? T27 has got you covered! You can choose your favorite fillings, tortilla wraps, taco shells, dips, toppings, and sides from our vast selection in our taco bar. The taco kit options are endless!

Take your custom taco dinner kit back to your place and lay it out on the table for your very own T27 taco dinner party at home.

It’s Easy to Prepare for a Taco Night at Home

Americans spend 50.3% of their food budget on eating out because it’s easier than cooking at home. With Taqueria 27 taco home kits, it’s easy to enjoy incredible tacos in the comfort of your own home. 

Step 1: Get Your Taco Meal Kit

Order your taco meal kit from T27 and set up your taco bar. Prepare the hot plates to keep the fillings, tortilla wraps, and taco shells warm. A cooler for the chilled elements is a great idea too. 

Step 2: Plate Up the Sides

Home taco kits are not complete without plenty of side dishes. Plate up the corn chips, salsas, toppings, and dressings with serving spoons. 

Step 3: Easy T27 Margaritas

No taco night is complete without margaritas! Grab your to-go T27 Margarita mix and quickly recreate your favorite cocktails to impress your guests.

Step 4: Build Your Tacos & Enjoy!

Most importantly, build your tacos, eat, drink, and enjoy your well-earned taco night with your loved ones. Easy preparation means you spend more time enjoying the food than making it!

Taco Night Made Easy with Taqueria 27's Take-Home Kits

Taco Night Recipe Ideas

You can also try out some delicious new taco recipes to switch things up on your next taco night. Why not try veggie or vegan tacos? Or try out birria tacos with the delicious dipping sauce.

Make taco night even more fun by getting the whole family involved in making each element. You’ll have a taco-making assembly line to make the job even easier!

Top Tips: How to Make Your Taco Night Even Better

With the extra time that you saved from choosing Taqueria 27 taco home kits, you could try these ideas to push your taco night to the next level:

  • Choose a theme- veggie, vegan, fish, etc.
  • Decorate your taco table
  • Hang colorful piñatas and bunting
  • Make a hot sauce tasting bar
  • Host a cocktail making competition 

Try Out Taqueria 27’s Take-Home Kits for Yourself

It’s easy to host your own taco night with family or taco dinner party with friends with Taqueria 27 taco home kits. Order your favorite T27 dishes online today.