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Hey, Taco Lovers!

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At home, you recycle, choose energy-efficient appliances, and try to buy sustainable food. But what about when you eat out?

Whether you hit up Taqueria 27 for some after-work tacos or a family occasion on the weekend, we want you to enjoy every bite and every sip. We understand that eating and shopping at green businesses is as important to many of us as finding delectable fare. And that’s why we have created the Taqueria 27 sustainability program – so you can enjoy our hospitality on every level.

We’re super proud of our sustainability and want to tell you about it! So read on for a short guide to why you can dine with confidence at any of our four outlets.

Sustainable Seafood

Understandably, our customers are concerned about sustainable seafood. But sadly, the UN reports that 17.5% of fish stocks are still overfished.

At Taqueria 27, we want you to feel good whenever you chow down on our fresh fish of the day. We want you to revel in its succulence, not wonder whether you’re depleting these gems of the ocean. That’s why we only use sustainable seafood, locally sourced.

Our vendors only supply fish from the Seafood Watch list run by Monterey Bay Aquarium. So if you choose a fish or seafood starter, entree, or salad from our menu, you know you’re getting guilt-free goodness.

Drinks That Care

There is nothing like a tequila cocktail or a smoky shot of mezcal before or during your meal. But have you ever thought about how it’s made?

At Taqueria 27, we select everything on our drinks menu with sustainability in mind. For example, we offer a range of Tanteo Tequilas. This company uses solar power and other sustainable practices when crafting its outstanding spirits. 

Feel free to ask us about any of our drinks and why we feel they deserve a place on a Taqueria 27 table.

Taqueria 27 Recycling

As you can imagine, the restaurant business produces quite a lot of waste. From all those empty beer bottles to foodstuff packaging, it quickly adds up to tons each year. At Taqueria 27, we care deeply about the impact this has on the environment and are keen to harness the benefits of recycling.

That’s why we work with Momentum Recycling on three key recyclables:

  • Glass bottles
  • Cardboard
  • Cans

Momentum Recycling has a glass recycling facility in Salt Lake City that sorts, cleans, and pulverizes our glass waste. This can then be used to make new glass products.

Likewise, cardboard and cans start a new life when they leave us. This helps cut carbon emissions, save energy, and even conserve raw materials. So please sit back and enjoy your meal confidently, knowing we’re doing all we can to minimize its environmental impact.

Support the Taqueria 27 Sustainability Program

Every time you chow down on a meal at one of our four locations, you’re helping to support the Taqueria 27 sustainability program. But that doesn’t mean missing out. We’re committed to bringing you the best fusion Mexican fare you can find in the Salt Lake City area.

Ready to support green businesses and indulge in your favorite Mexican dishes? Head to one of our four locations or order online today!